Masters Grande Series

Ameriglass Ag3 – Energy Efficient, Green and Clean!
The Ameriglass AG3 glass system from Amerimax once again redefines the standard for energy savings, year round comfort and ease of maintenance.
The heart of every window is the Insulated Glass System. Utilizing AG3, the ultimate performance glass, insulating Argon gas fill, a dual seal structural foam spacer, and innovative Neat coating that lets nature clean your windows – The Perfect Glass System no matter where you live.
Expanded View of AG3 coating
Ameriglass Ag3 Low Emissivity glass is coated with a microscopic 12 layer patented formula with three layers of Silver. The ultimate balance of energy savings, solar control and high visibility.
Naturally Clean Glass – Let Nature do the work
A titanium Dioxide layer reacts with sun to decompose organic materials on the glass. A silicon dioxide layer creates an ultra smooth surface and Hydrophilic action to dispense water evenly or “sheet off.”

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