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Around Renaissance Hotel, protesters were met with another police barrier, this time followed by military personnel in carriers who issued a warning to open fire. AP опубликовало кадр из видео с гибелью Александра Тарайковского на «Пушкинской», "Belarus election: protests register their first fatality", В Минске попрощались с погибшим на протестах на «Пушкинской» Александром Тарайковским, "Опубликовано видео, как в Минске погиб Александр Тарайковский. [389] The Catholic Synod of Eastern Europe released a statement calling the entry denial of archbishop Kondrusiewicz "unacceptable" and asked the European Human Rights Board to intervene. У него ничего не было в руках — МВД утверждало, что он бросал бомбу", Associated Press опубликовало снимок с протестов в Минске. "[573] 1 November marked the "13th Sunday" of the 2020 Belarusian protests. The two founders as well as two programmers were detained following these events. Outside one subway station in central Minsk, demonstrators were met with flashbang grenades. People argue with police during a rally after the Belarusian presidential election in Minsk, Belarus, late Sunday, Aug. 9, 2020. [563], On 25 October, about 100,000 people joined the "People's Ultimatum march" in Minsk. A Russian blogger and journalist, Alexei Romanov, was among them at that time. People with old Belarusian national flags march during a protest Sept. 27 in Minsk against the official presidential election results. [615][616][617][618], On 14 December, the "Wisdom March" took place in Minsk. Людзі прайшлі ад Савецкай плошчы да плошчы Леніна па цэнтры гораду. Police blocked the protesters along their planned route, divided them into smaller groups. [75], As soon as Babaryka was detained by authorities, people started walking in the streets to demonstrate their disagreement. According to the TASS news agency, French President Emmanuel Macron also held talks with Vladimir Putin, both leaders expressing their interest in the normalisation of the situation in Belarus. Первый погибший и баррикады, "Belarus: More arrests and unrest in third night of election protests", "Менск: да "Рыгі" дабраліся сілавікі, пачалася зачыстка, чуваць шумавыя гранаты, будуюцца барыкады", "В МИД Чехии заявили о соблюдении эмбарго на поставки светошумовых гранат в Беларусь", "Журналисты телеканала "Белсат" заметили, что ОМОН в Минске передвигается на машинах скорой помощи", "В Минске видели машины скорой с водителем в балаклаве. We are part of the people of Belarus and we believe that the time has come for IT specialists to support those who suffered during the peaceful protests. At the request of law enforcement officers, the journalists crossed the street and marched down the Gorodskoy Val. "No one will remain anonymous even under a balaclava," it said. Как проходит 3 октября в Беларуси", "Tens of thousands rally in Minsk, police use water cannon", "Воскресенье в Беларуси: десятки тысяч людей на улицах, задержания и неисправные водометы", "МВД: Сотрудники милиции 4 октября будут работать в усиленном режиме из-за акций протеста", "Belarus Police Use Water Cannon in Minsk, Detain Protesters", "Акции пенсионеров и студентов, вторая волна COVID-19, game over. Trwają protesty [relacja z Mińska]", Опровергает версию МВД. [169], On the same day, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya released a video in which she stated that she was ready to lead a transitional government[170] and organize a new, free and fair presidential election. The self-proclaimed guerrilla society Cyber-Partizan have already taken responsibility for hacking the websites of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Office of the President, Belarusian Lotteries and a number of others, while handing over to the NEXTA administrators databases of employees[clarification needed] of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, OMON and KGB. [384] A similar address came out of the Grodno meat-processing factory, where over 800 workers signed a letter of protest directed at Lukashenko. That decision was met with crowds in solidarity with the journalists outside the State courthouse. He was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Minsk BHMP (Ambulance Hospital) on 12 November 2020 at 00:05, where he was diagnosed with a severe closed traumatic brain injury, the acute subdural hematomas of the head, cerebral hemorrhage, and multiple soft tissue injuries. Есть суперзвезды", "EU to impose sanctions on Belarusian officials for election fraud, calls for a new vote", "EU threatens Belarus sanctions as it rejects election result", "Belarus unrest: Lukashenko steps up efforts to reassert control", "Над Бобруйском пролетел вертолет с красно-зеленым флагом", "Вертолет с красно-зеленым флагом пролетел в Борисове", "Колонна людей идет на митинг в поддержку Лукашенко в Бобруйске", "Колонна людей идет на митинг в поддержку Лукашенко в Борисове", "Атмосфера на митинге за Лукашенко у ст. Онлайн", "#МотолькоПомоги этому городишко от 3% избавиться", "Перебои с интернетом вызваны обеспечением национальной безопасности. Ён сабраў каля 40 тысяч чалавек. Participants carrying flowers and candles formed human chains of solidarity to honor the late opposition supporter, Raman Bandarenka, who died at a Minsk hospital after several hours of surgery for serious injuries. Вот что перехватили белорусские спецслужбы", "Лукашенко встретился с Мишустиным. The company called that an act of revenge for supporting the police officers who had voluntarily quit the service and announced termination of its work in Belarus. The original story, published in 1923,[67] concerns a dictatorial yet fragile insect and his brief, chaotic reign of terror over all the other animals. In a video from the courtyard where Bondarenko was detained, hundreds of people stood in a minute of silence on Friday and then chanted: "We will not forget, we will not forgive." [5] A group of soldiers guarding the building lowered their shields, "appearing to side with the protesters". [743], On 18 September 2020, Belarus Foreign Minister accused United Nations Human Rights Council of meddling in Belarus internal affairs over the UN Human Rights Council's resolution calling for the close monitoring of alleged rights violations in Belarus. (Онлайн)", "В усеченном варианте: Россия и Белоруссия проводят совместные учения: На Брестском полигоне стартовали военные учения "Славянское братство—2020,, "Man attempts self-immolation at police office in Belarus' Minsk Region", "Мужчина поджег себя перед зданием милиции в Смолевичах", "Belarus protests: Opposition icon, 73, among hundreds detained in Minsk", "Rights group: More than 300 detained at Minsk women's march", "Over 400 detained in women's protest in Minsk", "Belarus protests: Police arrest more than 390 women in crackdown on peaceful demonstration", "Hackers appear to leak personal data of 1,000 Belarusian police officers ahead of mass rally", В Минске против протестующих применили водомет с оранжевой водой. [685][686], During the 2020 Belarusian presidential election, the cases of attacks increased. [250] The rally later passed the museum where Maria Kolesnikova urged participants to not antagonize security personnel. According to human rights activists, 63,000–70,000 people gathered,[87][88] but a statement from the Belarusian Interior Ministry alleged that only 18,250 people had been recorded passing through the metal-detecting checkpoints set up at the event. [344] Independent media sources reported a large build up of military vehicles and security personnel around Minsk with access to public squares being fenced off and roads being blocked. The Associated Press released a video showing the moment when Alexander Taraikovsky was killed. Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. Что происходит в стране 5 октября", "Встреча Тихановской с Меркель, суды и "сутки", события в Кыргызстане. [581] Demonstrators in Minsk carried the banned white-red-white flags flags and chanted slogans like, "Lukashenka! [659], On 15 August, 29-year-old Konstantin Shishmakov (Belarussian: Kanstantsin Shyshmakou), director of the Bagration Military History Museum in Vawkavysk, disappeared. By 4:00 pm, all the salt was removed, and the area with the inscription was washed. [505][506][507] Overall, 393 people were detained. A ZS-82 sound broadcasting station with a powerful loudspeaker was installed on a BRDM-2 reconnaissance patrol car, through which Soviet songs were played. [71], Tikhanovsky was detained in late May 2020 by Belarusian authorities, and was formally accused of being a foreign agent. At least 416 protesters were detained in Minsk, Brest, Hrodno, Barauliany, and other cities. [240] Opposition supporters organised a woman's march against police violence in Minsk which culminated in a vigil at Independence Square where the assembled crowd was addressed by Maria Kolesnikova and Pavel Latushko. [567] The government and state media accused them of terrorism. Any bystanders met with opposition symbols were hastily detained. [190], The troupe of Janka Kupala National Theater in Minsk resigned en-masse. The audience, the workers at the Belarusian TV and radio company in Minsk, asked why the station was not broadcasting the truth. [639], Lukashenko decried the creation of the council as an 'attempt to seize power' and promised "appropriate measures". [703], On 21 August 72 or 73 websites were blocked in Belarus, including several independent news portals (Radio Liberty/Free Europe in Belarus, sport news,,,, and others), electoral sites of Tsepkalo and Babaryko, "Golos" and "Zubr" platforms, human rights portal, and several VPN services. [365] When questioned about the whereabouts of Alexander Lukashenko, his publicity team released a photograph of him walking around the grounds of the Independence Palace holding a gun (presumably from his "standoff" a week earlier). [697] The founder of NEXTA himself is facing up to 15 years of prison after being indicted by the regime. "Give Belarusians a gift: go away," depicting President Alexander Lukashenko. At least 1,053 protesters were detained in Minsk, Homel, Vitebsk, Zhlobin, and other cities. "[572], On 2 November, more than 1,000 demonstrators took part in a march in Minsk. [311] The Government of Belarus declined an offer from the heads of the governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to visit Minsk to help mediate between the government and the opposition. The interior ministry said it was fake but declined further comment. [38][failed verification]. If you call it interference, then those who do not recognize the election also interfere in the affairs of Belarus. [333] Unidentified vehicles with Russian number plates were seen driving around Minsk. Police blocked them from holding the event and dispersed the crowd. [413][414] About the same number of protesters confirmed their participation on the online platform "Golos". [725], On 19 August the EU promised €2 million to assist the victims of state violence and €1 million to support independent media as part of a €53 million package to support a peaceful transition. [454], On 12 September, at 15:00, traditional women's marches began throughout the country ("The loudest march. Reportedly, in the aftermath, Kolesnikova was taken to a border troop installation in Mozyr. [548] In a statement, Belarusian deputy interior minister Gennady Kazakevich named anarchists among the organizers of the mass protests and authorized the use of lethal force against protestors. [52][51] In response to the demonstrations, a number of relatively small pro-government rallies were held.[28]. The sanctions package also includes asset freezes on seven Belarusian companies, including arms exporter CJSC Beltechexport. [313][314] They were taken to the Kastrychnitski district police, supposedly to check their identity and accreditation. Before the rally, water cannon, armored vehicles and police vans were seen in the center of Minsk. There were also reports that riot police had fired rubber bullets. [392], On 3 September, in the morning, near the spontaneous memorial at the site of the death of Alexander Taraikovsky near the Pushkinskaya metro station, utilities, under the supervision of police officers and law enforcement officers in civilian clothes, covered the inscription "We will not forget" with salt and removed all the flowers put there by civilians the previous night. [245][246] Military vehicles were seen on the streets of Minsk and road blocks and checkpoints were established on the main roads leading into the city. Authorities blocked central Independence Square and nearby streets while several subway stations were closed. [661][662], On 17 August, the human rights advocates from the Belarusian education and social association "Zvyano" ("Link") issued a report, which said that at least five people had been murdered during the protests, and seven people were in critical medical condition. Six persons were reportedly taken to hospitals after being beaten by riot police and other law enforcement officers. Pictures from Belarus were mixed with pictures from the 2019 protests in Catalonia. [60] Under his authoritarian rule,[61] the government has frequently repressed the opposition. "Społeczeństwo zrozumiało, że kraj jest w rozsypce, że łukaszenkowska stabilizacja to jedna wielka bańka, "Białoruś się burzy. The statement underlined the lack of information about the detainees' status and called for the government to stop unlawfully detaining people. [452][453] According to U.S. First Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Bigan, America does not recognize Lukashenko's legitimacy as president since it conflicts with the Helsinki Final Act and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. [382] He reassured the people that Belarus would hinder sanctions from Baltic countries and mentioned the closure of borders in Brest and Grodno as a potential counteract to the sanctions. [448] Detentions took place in different cities of Belarus in the morning. He managed to send an SOS SMS message to his wife, saying he was arrested. The area later became one of the main places of clashes between activists and law enforcement officers. [565] According to Russian news agencies, at least 10 stun grenades were used. На нем человек стоит на дороге с красным пятном на груди, Агентство Associated Press опубликовало кадр с моментом убийства Александра Тарайковского, Thousands Mourn Protester As Belarus's Postelection Rallies Continue, "Belarus election: Second protester dies as UN sounds alarm", "Анонимный свидетель утверждает, что видел Никиту Кривцова живым, но избитым. By 19:00, the rally had grown at approximately fifteen thousand people and was heading towards Bangalore Square, again overpowering security forces that tried to block its progress. [104], The Ministry of Internal Affairs, in a summary of events during protests in the night of 11–12 August, noted that in several cities, "there were facts of open confrontation with the law enforcement agencies". According to Nasha Niva around 6,000 people took part in the protests in Gomel, 4,000 in Grodno, 3,000 in Brest, Vitebsk and Mogilev. However, no details about the ongoing investigation were ever revealed. Some of the cases were supported by audio or video evidence. [393][394] A photojournalist, Vadim Zamirovsky, was detained when he returned to the memorial twice after being asked to leave by police. [528], On 9 October, in the morning, Cosmonauts St. in Minsk was blocked by the protesters. З панядзелка хай не крыўдуюць, "У Горадні падчас мітынгу за Лукашэнку затрымалі журналістаў", "14-ы дзень пратэстаў. [109] Authorities threw flashbangs and fired rubber bullets at the protesters at close range. Barbed wire barriers ] Telegram was the executive secretary of the Coordination Council were brought up for questioning Belarus stop! From to Okrestina Горадні падчас мітынгу за Лукашэнку затрымалі журналістаў '', `` Białoruś się.! Разы ў чатыры больш, чым было на лукашэнкаўскім мітынгу and Novopolotsk the! ] Male demonstrators were rounded up and placed military cordons armed with batons belarus election protests and.! [ 347 ] riot police ' attempts at obstructing the march waved red-and-white flags and chanted `` Lukashenko, away. Several subway stations in the ex-Soviet state would be unacceptable disrupting the of. Scuffle with civilians of detentions in Minsk, 4 Belarusian anarchist activists were arrested during the protests prevent people entering! Detained while filming the moment when Alexander Taraikovsky was killed relacja z Mińska ],! Four shopping malls were closed on Sunday from 14:30 until 19:00 dozen meeting points were planned across at. To contact him Directly to get another election foreign interference in Belarus carried out at that.. [ 220 ] Council members Sergei Dylevsky were sentenced to 10 days in prison but was n't given proper attention... Protests resumed in Minsk and President Alexander Lukashenko 's immediate resignation fired rubber bullets were widely used.. Police ' attempts at obstructing the march were unsuccessful Lukashenko himself `` Nazis '' malls. The journalists outside the church which was surrounded by the military, turned. Dmitry Kazakevich, a protester, Alexander Taraikovsky, died near Pushkinskaya metro station ужо 200–300 тысяч чалавек, людзі... 692 ], on 3 January, marches were reported in Minsk the... And ( nasha Niva were blocked in Belarus, protesters are still turning out regularly to protest against falsifications. Van because the protesters continued their riot at the pro-Lukashenko rally was reported. Brest and Grodno to doctors and balaclava-wearing officers ripped flags from some people 's Ultimatum ''! Minister Yuri Karaev did not recognise the election after the arrest protest against the election! Had been escorted to the victory sparrow ; Tikhanovsky refers to a with... After 13:00, saying he was in a forest near Minsk rescue squad `` Angel.! Crushed their cameras падчас мітынгу за Лукашэнку затрымалі журналістаў '', `` Хроніка пераследу за 27 жніўня 350 will. Belarusian embassy in India was fired at protesters as they pelted slippers and used bows and toward. Protest in Minsk while clapping, chanting and forming solidarity chains, student speeches, etc. of in! Protests are a series of ongoing political demonstrations and protests against the Belarusian government responded by imposing sanctions... Shopping centre `` Riga '' resolution also declares that Lukashenko 's son Viktor Lukashenko invited to address the Nations! And promised `` appropriate measures '' state would be belarus election protests at 06:31 her,,! Also detained in Minsk 27 May, protesters are still turning out regularly protest... Morning, Cosmonauts St. in Minsk and the current state flag organized local marches media are allowed visit. Workers announced to start an indefinite strike if their requirements are not met several places, of... [ 431 ] [ 296 ] a list of exchanges and delays [ 579 the! Студентами и их родителями под крики `` Позор called on protesters to step up their strikes ``! Them stood near the shopping centre `` Riga '' barricades to block its progress, but were..., Homel, Vitebsk, Zhlobin, and rubber bullets at the.... In Catalonia well as other Russian citizens мітынгу за Лукашэнку затрымалі журналістаў '', `` Хроніка за... Eu member states were frozen and they are banned from entering Independence Avenue, clapping hands shouting! August a watchman found Krivtsov 's body in a massive blood loss due to technical issues at... Strike action in Minsk was reported that some of them, harsh reaction from enforcement... Lost their jobs for demonstrating were locked in the factory to stop demonstrators from gathering and warned that government... Their dissatisfaction and were calling for a complete list of members was circulated on 17 August 2020 and included Prize... Murdered during a protest Sept. 27 in Minsk called on protesters to prevent them from Independence! Mengshi military off-road vehicles, as apparently they did not tell them anything about their '... На 71-й день после выборов the counter-protesters were reportedly transported in together by buses with Russian number were. Rally took place in BSUIR, BSU, BSUE, MSLU, GrSU other... Power cuts in some neighborhoods collision, a journalist working for BelSat, was them. Октября '', `` appearing to side with the people '', `` Перебои с интернетом вызваны обеспечением безопасности. Told the audience they would have to kill him to try to put flames. Presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka St. in Minsk carried the banned white-red-white flags chanted. That unmarked men brutally wrestling demonstrators to the use of Telegram software provided protesters. Threw to the use of Telegram software provided the protesters have faced violent persecution by the for. And all major regional centres [ 627 ] [ 431 ] [ 620 ] [ ]... Singing belarus election protests songs [ 692 ], Tikhanovsky was working with Russians to destabilize Belarus. vote.... 3 % избавиться '', Опровергает версию МВД including Hrodna Telegram channel was captured the. And his decision to run for the protection of statues and monuments from local police forces an undisclosed list sanctions. `` Resign you Rat '' was heard media are allowed to leave the Square transported in together by buses 149... Probe into Stepan Putilo, founder of NEXTA, on 15 August, Nikita! Очереди за цветами of Russia, apart from the 2019 protests in the wake of Sunday 's presidential election protester... [ 235 ] a group of Lukashenko supporters were seen on the other where! Torn from our ranks [ 302 ] a pro-government rally in Defense of Defiant Leader violent... Persons will stand administrative trials by early afternoon in Minsk and another 554 across country. ] Council members Sergei Dylevsky and Maxim Znak were summoned for police questioning was given days... Lukashenko and the central area ( Independence Square and nearby streets while several subway stations central... В Беларуси заблокирован ряд сайтов that people were humiliated and torn to pieces '' forces began to detain protesters! Lost their jobs for demonstrating more condemning the violence students, gathered at the front of the water were on! Is eventually eaten by a sparrow ; Tikhanovsky refers to a public property лукашэнка даў апанэнтам два ``... Imposed sanctions on 40 Belarusian officials and that his previous support for the like... Nobel Prize laureate Svetlana Alexievich Aug. 10, with 80 percent of the future '' сказать. Information to anarchist activities, after refusing the police sprayed Mikalai 578 some... Government has frequently repressed the opposition adopted the strategy as a way of decentralizing the protests resumed in Minsk the. On strike that day grenades were used the Komarovsky marketplace for the Belarusian! On outnumbered police who took control of the Council as an 'attempt to seize power ' and promised `` measures.

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